My Buddies Place, LLC.
Hours & Membership
Membership Pricing and Information:

A Valid Membership is required to enter My Buddies Place.

12 Month Membership - $35.00 annual fee, $10.00 entry on signup

Entry fee:
Weekday: $10.00
Weekend: $15.00


Monday - 10 am to 6pm
Tuesday - 10am to 6pm
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday - 10 am to 6pm
Friday -
12 pm to 12 am 
Saturday - 12 pm to 12 am
Sunday - 12 pm to 8pm

Phone - 717- 444 -2261
We are now accepting membership for 2019
Email us at for an invitation. Come check us out!

We are located between Montgomery Ferry, PA and Liverpool, PA on Route 11/15 approximately 1 mile north of TJ's private club.   Route 11/15 is a divided highway in this area and we are on the left side as you are traveling northbound.   You will need to use the turn around at Cherry Road (which is the second turn around after passing TJ's )  to head back South on route 11/15.   After turning around on Cherry Road and heading back south we are approximately .8 miles on the right hand side. The turn sign for Limekiln Road and mile marker #411 are located near the entrance. to our parking lot.  If you pass Limekiln Road you have gone too far.  
The address is: 2380 Susquehanna Trail, Newport, PA 17074.

Caution: Some G.P.S.'s  direct you to an address in the town of Newport, PA. (mostly cell ones) we are not located in the town of Newport, PA it is just the mailing address.    

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