My Buddies Place, LLC.
FAQ'S and Information

Here's some Information on our place, and some frequently asked questions we encounter here at My Buddies Place:

-What amenities does My Buddies Place L.L.C. have?

We have a range of amenities to keep you entertained. Social room/lounge room, large sundeck, patio, adult movie theater, lockers and campfire area.

-How old do I have to be to become a member of My Buddies Place L.L.C.?
You must be at least 21 years of age to be a member. You will need a valid government issued picture ID or passport if you live outside USA.

-What do you do with the personal information I give you when I purchase a membership?
My Buddies Place L.L.C. is highly respectful of member privacy. We completely understand the need for discretion. The information given is only for our records and is never shared. You will never receive anything in the mail and you will only be placed on our email list if you request it.

-What is the membership price and will I be required to pay a daily entrance fee?
Basic annual membership is  $35.00 per year, and runs from January 1st  thru December 31st of each calendar year. In addition, you will be required to rent a locker for $10.00 weekdays and $15.00 weekends each time you visit. Your entrance fee is good for the entire day. If you choose to leave you may re-enter as long as you let the attendant know you plan to return. 

-Can I reserve a locker?
No. locker rentals are distributed on a first come first serve basis. There is to be no sharing of lockers and all lockers must be emptied upon final departure.

-Is nudity allowed at My Buddies Place L.L.C.?
Yes! While in the Lounge/Social room we ask that you keep clothes on, but everywhere else at My Buddies Place L.L.C. is a clothing optional club. We welcome all shapes and sizes. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Nudity is allowed but not required. It is a matter of personal choice.

-Is smoking allowed at My Buddies Place L.L.C.?

Yes, smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas of the club. We ask you to refrain from smoking indoors.  

Are Women allowed to join or visit My Buddies Place L.L.C. 
No. My Buddies Place L.L.C. is a private club. It is restricted to men of all lifestyles interested in socializing with like minded others. Due to privacy reasons we do not offer tours of our facility to any non-members.

Do you accept credit cards at My Buddies Place L.L.C.?
Currently we do not have the means to process credit cards. We are hoping to incorporate this feature, but for now all payments must be in cash.

Where are you located?
We are located between Montgomery Ferry, PA and Liverpool, PA on Route 11/15 approximately 1 mile north of TJ's private club.   Route 11/15 is a divided highway in this area and we are on the left side as you are traveling northbound.   You will need to use the turn around at Cherry Road (which is the second turn around after passing TJ's )  to head back South on route 11/15.   After turning around on Cherry Road and heading back south we are approximately .8 miles on the right hand side. The turn sign for Limekiln Road and mile marker #411 are located near the entrance. to our parking lot.  If you pass Limekiln Road you have gone too far.  
The address is: 2380 Susquehanna Trail, Newport, PA 17074.

Caution: Some G.P.S.'s  direct you to an address in the town of Newport, PA. (mostly cell ones) we are not located in the town of Newport, PA it is just the mailing address.        
Is My Buddies Place L.L.C. legal in Central Pa.?
Yes. My Buddies Place L.L.C. is a private club and follows the standards set forth by the State of Pennsylvania. The rights of club members to meet and socialize in a private setting are protected by The Constitution of the United States of America

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